Casino Tropez Review

Casino Tropez

With blackjack being one of the most popular gambling games online, it’s no surprise that you can find a host of blackjack games available at Casino Tropez. With almost a dozen different versions of blackjack on offer, whether you’re a professional blackjack master or a recreational online casino games player who enjoyed the odd hand of blackjack or two, you’ll be sure to find a blackjack table that suits your needs.

Different Varieties of Blackjack

There are close to a dozen different varieties of blackjack available at Casino Tropez. They’ve got everything from classic Blackjack to Pontoon to Multihand Blackjack, as well as everything else in between. Everyone knows the blackjack basics: you’ve got to bet that your hand will beat the dealer’s hand without your hand busting (totaling over 21). There are a number of different spins on the classic game though and Casino Tropez’s got ‘em in stock for you to try. Here’s a sampling of what’s they’ve got on offer:

Blackjack Switch

This blackjack game offers you double the fun. You start off with two hands. If you’re unhappy with either one, or you see that it could be otherwise advantageous, you’re allowed to switch the between the 2 second cards dealt to either hand.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Think blackjack is more fun in a live casino? When you sit down at one of Casino Tropez’ Live Dealer Blackjack tables, it’ll bring all the thrills and excitement of land-based gaming right to your screen.

Blackjack Surrender

You know the frustration of being dealt a bad blackjack hand and being forced to play it out and probably lose? No more! This game allows you to surrender your hand instead and recoup half of your wager.

Blackjack Progressive

Blackjack Progressive gives players the unique opportunity to land a tremendous score, often in the 5- to 6-figure range if they get dealt a lucky succession of the same cards.

So, whether you depend on luck to make a big score or have honed your blackjack skills to the point of perfection, Casino Tropez’s blackjack tables are THE place online to split, stand, double down, and otherwise enjoy your favorite pastime at the virtual felt.


So there you have it – a general overview of what you can expect as far as the blackjack offerings at Casino Tropez. But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for a new account today at Casino Tropez and cash in on their generous €3,000 Welcome Bonus package offer. That’ll ensure that you’ll be able to make the most from your deposits and take a nice big stack of chips with you to whichever blackjack table best suits your taste.