Casino games

Triple Draw Poker Hands

The most common mistake for most South African casino players new to 2-7 Triple Draw is that they forget straights and flushes count against them and that Aces are always high, never low. In Razz, for instance, 5-4-3-2-A of any…

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Increase Your Chances at Bingo

There are several bingo halls and everyday there are newer sites coming up with better bonuses and promotions. So do not limit yourself to just one bingo hall. Shop around and find the best deals and bonuses. Bingo is primarily…

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More Casino Games to Play

Craps: If you play only the Pass Line, and take free odds, the house advantage is a puny. 8% (eight-tenths of none percent). It’s not insignificant, because it still gradually erodes you bankroll. But, this is a good as it’s…

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