Scotty Nguyen – Funny hand and short interview

As we get back to our feature table you will see some new faces here and there. As the field shrinks and chairs open up, players will move from other tables and join a particular table and there’s Scotty Nguyen with an eight three, nothin’ to crow about. And Humberto Brenes checking his hole cards.

He has ace ten. One of the more colorful players in the casino game. Literally and figuratively. So the cards have been dealt. The table now deciding how good exactly they have it.

So far nobody in. And you’ll see in the blue shirt on the left of your screen Jeff Shulman editor of Card Player Magazine, a very good player on the circuit but it looks like he does not want to join the action. Twenty-one Scotty says “twenty-one” even though he bet twelve thousand. Raise. Did you hear I said “Twenty-one”?

Humberto says he wants to raise. Has not thrown the chips in just yet. As we look at that graphic you see with the cards that they have, Brenes with an overwhelming advantage. Forty thousand. Now he’s raised forty thousand dollars. Scotty Nguyen had bet with an eight three off-suit.

Now when you bet with absolutely nothing, when someone comes back over the top of you, you usually get rid of it, you muck the hand. I suspect he’s going to get rid of this hand. He even eats chewing gum interestingly, – doesn’t he? – He does, he does. I like that – What a character.

– “South of the border” feel. Scotty taking his time with a three eight off-suit. This gonna be the greatest move I ever made. He’s saying it’s going to be the greatest move he’s ever made. I’m amazed at what he’s doing.

He’s betting a hundred thousand dollars on cards the Salvation Army would reject. Humberto Brenes has an ace ten. He’s more than a two-to-one favorite.

Keep Michelob coming baby. Well, he said he likes to drink at the table he… – He’s living up to that – I tell you, I think you have to be drinking a shot and a beer to make that bet, but he’s just got a beer. Maybe if he had a three five or something he’d be taking a shot, but the three eight, now he’s going to wait out Humberto Brenes. Okay, he’s got Humberto to take off the Red Sox cap and the sunglasses. He’s got to look inside Scotty Nguyen to find out if he’s bluffing. It’s easy for us we know the hole cards, but Humberto’s got the tough task.

You, you can’t call. Too much for you. A hundred thousand, that’s too much for you. – All right, I pass this, this time.

– No. – No! – Humberto’s going to pass.

What you got? I bet a hundred thousand with this hand baby. Rubbing it in. No no no no.

Turn over. – Hall of fame bluff. – I told you twenty-one I thought we were… I thought we playing blackjack. Here’s a man who knows how to play Vegas.

Scotty Nguyen, the former champion. Flamboyant and bold, and a winner. That’s no limit baby. Kids love Scotty Nguyen man. Because, my style, I can get along with everybody.

Broke, rich, pretty, ugly, fat, and thin. Even if I beat you in a hand, I’ll beat them in a hand. They happy with that because they can go home and tell their grandkid or… or their son, like I got beaten by Scotty Nguyen, you know. Greatest poker player ever lived.

You know what I mean?